Welcome to Most Holy Trinity!

Are you looking for a way to help others this Christmas Season?  Here are some thoughts ...

  • NEW Just got done talking with a neighborhood family of 4 (single mother, teenage girl, boy (around 9), and newborn girl.  They are moving from shelter to shelter, living out of their car. She does have a job (maybe even 2) but they are in need of clothing. The last place that they stayed was infested with bedbugs and she had to get rid of everything.  They need clothes, coats, jackets etc. I will add the clothes/shoes sizes as soon as I get them.

  • NEW  Senior vet recently hip replacement has things to be fixed in his home so that he can safely return from rehab in another four weeks.  A gift certificate for 1-800-GOTJUNK would be tremendous help for the volunteers helping to get his place in order. Some light handy-person work would be good too.

  • E & M, an elderly parish couple, hasn't had a working heater since last March. Funding, equipment, installation are needed.

  • N & M, parish couple houses an adult child with significant medical needs. Gift certificates to Walgreen's or other similar.                            

  • P., a single mother and neighbor with serious bone infection, is awaiting surgery and needs money to get her through her recuperation. Gift cards or funding would help.
  • The U's, family with three young children under age 14 and two teenagers. Food, clothing and Christmas presents would be good. Gift cards plus one or two more bikes ... they are currently sharing one bike among the three youngest.
  • W, single father and Army vet, has recently suffered a stroke. He works hard to bring up his teenage son and some small token to cheer him up would be good; or maybe a laptop so he can communicate with his son when he leaves for college next summer.     
  • Or contact Our Lady of Perpetual Help the pantry with which we are associated - ask for Pam or Mike - and they will provide suggestions.
  • Parish donations or gifts may be sent to Most Holy Trinity Church, 3519 N 14th St., St. Louis, MO 63107.   Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your gifts of treasure with those who truly are in need!


The school is no longer run by the parish. To obtain suggestions on what the school children and families might be needing, please contact the Archdiocese, Toni Ponder at 314-792-7000.

Memberships for Year Six Club Trinity are on sale now!  This fundraiser gives the members a chance to "win back" more than their donation amount. For more information please call the Rectory at 314-241-9165 and we can mail or email an application to you.  There are no more than 200 memberships that are sold every year.