Grand Endeavor is a joint program of Most Holy Trinity and St. Anselm parishes. Our mission is to enrich our individual and collective faith by bringing together diverse parishes and communities in prayer and service to and with one another. Members of Grand Endeavor work on joint projects to assistin our human development with an emphasis on:

    - Kids
    - Community
    - Faith

How can you become part of this dynamic relationship?

Become a Committee Member: All parishioners of Most Holy Trinity and St. Anselm are welcome to join the Grand Endeavor committee.  Committee members attend a monthly meeting that alternates between parishes.  We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Become a Program Member: All parishioners of Most Holy Trinity and St. Anselm and others are welcome to join the Grand Endeavor program.  Program members volunteer to participate in specific events as outlined in this brochure. 
Tutoring:  Provide individualized support to Most Holy Trinity students in the areas of reading and math.
Library Development: Equip and maintain the school library.
Saturday School Enrichment Program:  Coordinate off-campus experiences - explore future career opportunities, & visit cultural sites or places of educational interest.
Career Days: Share your knowledge and provide advice on career choices to a classroom of Most Holy Trinity students
Community Service: Lead students in various volunteering opportunities; volunteering at Perpetual Help Food Pantry, St Anselm food pantry or visiting the homebound.  
Fundraisingand Development:  Helpplan auctions and trivia nights, or help promote activities that raise funds for the athletic association to use towards registration fees & equipment expenses..
Beautification Project:  If you like gardening, painting, or rehab-type projects, roll-up your sleeves and bring a few friends!
Scholarship Program: 
Donate to the Most Holy Trinity School Scholarship Fund! 
When youdonate to this fund you open the door of opportunity for a child who is living under vulnerable economic and/or socio-economic conditions. You may choose to measure our graduates’ achievements by their current enrollment at some of the most competitive high schools in our area, including, St Louis University High, Christian Brothers College High School, DeSmet, Rosati-Kain, & St Elizabeth Academy.   Weadd to that academic measurement, our graduates’ strongcharacter,  sense ofrespect for others,  and self-assured nature- all valuable, lifelong Peacemaker skills. 

Contact the Most Holy Trinity or St. Anselm Parish Offices (314.878.2120) for more information.