Detailed Early History

Founding of the Church, 1848   
(Pastors Fr.  Theodore Laurensen, Fr. Joseph Blaarer)

(Pastors Fr. John Anselm, Fr. Casper Doebbner)

(Fr. Casper Doebbner, Fr. Frederich Brinkhoff)

(Fr. Frederich Brinkhoff)

(Fr. Fredrich Brinkhoff, Fr. Joseph Schroeder)

(Fr. Joseph Schroeder)

Parish History in Brief

The Village of New Bremen grew quickly and in 1855 was annexed into the city of St. Louis. As the area grew, daughter parishes were founded: St. Liborius (1856), Holy Cross (1863), Our Lady of Perpetual Help (1873) and St. Augustine (1874.)  As the parish grew, so did its mission. A new church was constructed on the corner of 14th and Mallinckrodt in 1858. In 1859, a school for girls and a convent was completed on Mallinckrodt and Blair streets. By the end of 1859, the first Franciscan Sisters arrived from Oldenburg, Indiana, to teach the children. In 1871, a new boy’s school building was constructed on 14th and Mallinckrodt, across the street from the Church. This building could house 300 students as well as provide space for meetings and social gatherings. 

The School

The current school provides co-ed Catholic education from Kindergarten through Eighth grades. Upper grades participate in special curriculum is designed to prepare students for high school, especially Catholic college-prep high schools. The school is the longest continually operating Catholic elementary school in the city of St. Louis.  For more than 150 years, the Franciscan Sisters taught here.

One hundred percent of our school families receive some tuition assistance. Fortunately with the help of individual donors, community foundations, the Archdiocese of St. Louis and fundraisers like the Trivia Night, Golf Tournament and appeals, we are able to provide access to this exceptional education. We are most grateful to our collaborating partners.

The Church

During recent years when congregations were consolidated into Holy Trinity, a concerted effort to retain the former organization’s identity into the new combined parish.  Of note are the following from:

·        Holy Name:  Baptismal Font and the Angel holding Paschal Candle

·        OLPH: Statues of St. Peter and St. Paul

·        St. Liborius:  Statues of St. Liborius and St. Ann, and Altar, Ambo and Sedelia wood carvings

Even though the Trinity needs no embellishment, the name of the parish was modified to add the superlative “Most”. This was done to distinguish a more recently constructed suburban Holy Trinity parish from the original “city” parish. Hence our new name Most Holy Trinity. 

Most Holy Trinity is also the founding parish of St. Louis Mass Mob (a grassroots movement to support historic churches), and the North City St. Paul's Street Evangelization team. We are a community that proclaims the Word of God in our community, provides social services, delivers a vigorous academic education and promoting God's mercy and justice for all.