Dear Friends:

We believe that the married love of husband and wife reflects and reveals the love that God has for all of us.  We welcome your marriage at Most Holy Trinity Church!  As you consider the possibility of celebrating your marriage at Most Holy Trinity, we ask you to consider the following guidelines for marriage at our Church. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 314-241-9165 or click the button below.


Part One

Confirming Most Holy Trinity for Your Wedding

Permission of Pastor

If you are a member of Most Holy Trinity Parish, simply contact the Pastor here to make arrangements. 

If you are not a member of Most Holy Trinity Parish, then you must obtain the written permission of one of your pastors if you are both Catholic.  If just one of you is Catholic, then written permission is required of his/her pastor. Please contact us for the form.

Officiating Priest

You are encouraged to invite one of the priests from your own parish or another priest with whom you are acquainted to officiate at your wedding. Whomever you ask to officiate must agree to accept responsibility for sharing in the marriage preparation with you:

  • to complete all necessary documentation
  • forward documents to us no later than two months before the wedding
  • to be present for the rehearsal bringing appropriate documentation, and
  • to witness your marriage and officiate at the wedding. 

Your officiating priest’s agreement must be obtained using the correct form. Please contact us for the form.

To Hold Your Date

To hold your date, please forward the above mentioned forms together with at least one-half of the suggested minimum offering of $600 to Most Holy Trinity Church, 3519 North 14th St., St. Louis, MO. 63107.  Checks are to be made payable to Most Holy Trinity Church.  When both forms and the deposit are received by us, only then may the date be secured.  Please note that the Church Hall is also available for receptions.

Part Two

Preparing for Your marriage

On January 1, 1982 the Archbishop of St. Louis together with the other Bishops of Missouri implemented a common policy of marriage preparation.  The priest who will witness your marriage will give you complete details about the program.

In general, marriage preparation will involve for you:

  1. a preliminary assessment of marriage readiness,
  2. participation in at least one or more different marriage preparation program(s) sponsored by the Archdiocese or parish,
  3. several meetings with the priest to discuss the spirituality of marriage, its sacramentality and prayer,
  4. completion of the necessary documentation with information to be recorded in our Marriage Register, and
  5. planning the ceremony. 


Planning the Ceremony


Weddings can celebrated on

  • Friday evening
  • Saturdays anytime 2:00 PM or before

Please note that weddings cannot be scheduled on Sundays, Holydays and during Lent.

Wedding Ceremony

Because the Eucharist is central for our Church and because all important celebrations take place in that context, weddings between two practicing Catholics are ordinarily celebrated during a Eucharistic celebration.  Alternatively, if one of you is not Catholic, the wedding ceremony can be celebrated within a service of Scripture Readings and Prayer.


At this time, dressing facilities are limited.  There is ample space to the right of the main door in the rear of the church for the women in the bridal party to stand prior to the ceremony.  In addition, the bride & bridesmaids may use the Parish Hall. The small room to the right of the sacristy is available for groomsmen.


Arrangements for time are made by calling Most Holy Trinity, 314-241-9165 during the weekday hours of 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Typical rehearsals are on the Thursday or Friday prior to the wedding ceremony, anywhere between 4 and 7 pm.


You are responsible for making arrangements for your music and musicians. At least 2 months prior to your wedding, the list of music needs to be submitted and approved by the Music Director of Most Holy Trinity. This will satisfy the requirement that the music follows the guidelines of the Archdiocesan Liturgy Office. (Note: assistance regarding musicians is available; please contact the Music Director to discuss.)

If you have music ministers already selected, they will need to contact the Music Director of Most Holy Trinity to ensure proper use of music equipment located at Most Holy Trinity. Contact Most Holy Trinity, 314-241-9165.


You are responsible for flowers and other decorations for your wedding. No artificial flowers (plastic, silk, etc.) are permitted. Any flowers obtained as altar decorations are requested to remain in the church when you leave.  Flowers are not to be placed on or in front of the altar. Please instruct florists to take any boxes, decorations or other materials out of the Church following the ceremony.

The length of the aisle is 99 feet; if an aisle runner is desired, it must be obtained from the florist. There are 38 pews, (12 on each side down the middle) and the seating capacity is 300. Additional seating can be arranged.


Pictures and video-taping may be taken during the ceremony. To ensure everyone’s safety, under no circumstances are photographers to stand on furniture to take pictures. Access to the choir loft can be arranged.


There is to be no rice or bird-seed thrown inside or outside the Church.


Limited off-street parking is available adjacent to the church. Ample street parking is available. Frequent day and evening events are held at the parish and school grounds. While prudence is advised to lock one’s car and secure items in one’s trunk the area immediately surrounding the church is considered safe. If a wedding party would like an additional level of security, please contact the rectory to discuss options.


The Church as well as the Parish Hall is handicap accessible. The door to access the elevator is on the south side of the church, nearest the Rectory.


The offering for use of the Church is $600.  This amount is not intended to limit your generosity, since it is hoped that your offering to the Church will be in proportion to the splendor of your wedding. This beautiful and historic church needs constant repairs at great expense, and it is your financial support that will maintain it and reduce its debt. 

The deposit to reserve your date (one-half of the offering or $300) must be received by us.  The remainder of the offering must be forwarded to Most Holy Trinity no later than one month before the wedding.


If you cancel your wedding date, please notify us no later than six months before the wedding. Your initial offering deposit will then be refunded.